You need it whether you like it or not for your business, as every body uses Google to find what they are looking for, but before you go paying some company  thousands a month for it, not even knowing what they are really doing, please come talk to me. I not only understand Search Engine Optimization but I will teach you how you can do a lot of it for free. The whole playing field has changed with Google and where there was a time your pocketbook could buy your page rank, that time has come to a screeching halt.  Now more then ever Google is allowing smaller businesses to compete and  show up in the Google search, and back links are no longer the key factor. you need to have real organic activity to get Google’s attention now. Web owners  who do real work and create real traffic are rewarded more then ever.  Social media is a huge factor with SEO for your website and we here at Sherwood Park Marketing we are true pros with social media.  I would love to set aside a time to meet with you or your company representative,  to talk about what we could do to help  your business or company with a strategic SEO plan.  For more  info on prices and plans please email us at or call 587 357 6900


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